Anvil Island

by Chris Arnett

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released February 4, 2014

Played for you by Chris Arnett (Vocals and Guitars), Al Boyle (Bass,Drums,Guitar,Piano and Backing Vocals) and Felix Fung (Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion and Backing Vocals)

Recorded at Little Red Sounds, Vancouver

Mastered by Andy Meyers, Allowed Sound, Salt Spring Island

Produced by Felix Fung



all rights reserved


Chris Arnett Vancouver, British Columbia

Chris Arnett is a founding member of the Furies, Vancouver's first wave of garage/punk in 1977. Played with the Shades in the second
1979 wave and off and on since then exploring many styles. The Furies reformed for two dozen shows after 2007, releasing one album, the Furies. Anvil Island is Chris's first solo record. Yeah!
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Track Name: Share The Love
I want to tell you something straight from the heart/A long story don't know where to start/A long story without any end/'bout how I loved you since time began/Together we can have it/ Together we can have it all/Share the Love/Share the Love/You want to be alone well don't you believe it/The money in the world you don't really need it/Got no time for splendid isolation/United Nations?/All my relations/Together we can have it/Together we can have it all/ Share the Love/Share the Love
Track Name: Shadow Of A Doubt
Do you really know what it is all about?/And would your feelings show if you had no doubt about it?/Underneath it all/Devil's in the details?I want you to know/I want you to know/ The sun don't shine brigter than you/Illuminate what I never knew/Nothing is like it seems it's true/ I know what you're thinking about/Best be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt/Shadow of a Doubt/Always with you/Let's move beyond the shadow of a doubt
Track Name: She Said We'd Always Be Friends
Doesn't matter what you do/ I will always be there for you/Doesn't matter what ya say/ I'm beside you every step of the way/ Through the lonely night/I'd like to be here to hold you tight/Until the break of day/I love ya baby every possible way/She said,she said,she said we'd always be friends until the end/She said we'd always be friends until the end/Another time and place/I could be with you always/I appreciate all you say/But i know that there is no way/Your love will be /Something I'll carry with me/Down life's lonely highway/Slow on the curves/Flat out on the straightaway/She said, she said, she said we'd always be friends until the end/She said we'd always be friends until the end.
Track Name: Fall From Heaven
Where did you go?/Last angel lost across endless fields of snow/I thought I saw you in my dream/Or so it seemed/I could swear/You fall from heaven/You can't go back again/When you fall from heaven/When I look to the skies above/I see an endless starlight sent to earth with love/To come to earth I think you should/Come down I wish you would/Fall from Heaven/You can't go back again when you fall from heaven/True beauty that you are/Always in my thoughts/You keep my body warm/Til dawn's early light/and every night I feel you/Fall from heaven/You can't go back again/When you fall from heaven
Track Name: Downtown Eastside
Pictures on a pole/Flowers on the street/The faces tell it all/The story's not complete/Kids far too young to die/Blonde hair peroxide/Down to the other side/Downtown Eastside/Well I'm Vancouver bound/Gonna leave this one horse town/And all this shit behind/Don't know what I will find/Kids far too young to die/Kid's far to young to die/Kids far too young to die/Downtown Eastside/Far too young to die/I'm fit to be tied/Society must decide/Who's to live or die/Society must decide/Society must decide /Society must decide/Who's to live or die/Like no one cares at all/The faceless on the street/The needles in the park/the bloodstained down the hall/The family doesn't know/What he's doing to the girls?Got a family in the 'burbs/And another life that hurts/Get outta here/ What ya doing??Downtown Eastside
Track Name: Virtually
It's too easy when you cannot see behind the screen of your daydream/Daydream voyeuring a plaything/Now in the schoolyard/now left alone/We all need somebody/Nobody can I see/They all see me/Round and round the carousel/The sparkle ponies gone to their Facebook hell/Can't go home again 'cause home's got no friends/Just shame/ That never ends/We all need somebody?nobody can I see/They all see me/All I want to see is your smile/Now gone away/All i see is virtually.?Everything that goes around gets somewhere soon/And I know that in the journey is the end/ Take that sadness make it loveliness/ Is not too easy, man/ You tried to tell us/Why one would want to leave/ The beauty of the world/All I want to see is your smile/Now gone away/All I see is virtually.
Track Name: Best Feeling
What's the best feeling in the world/ Love?/ What helps you up when you are down?/And never wears a frown?/What helps you up when you are down?/Love?/Best feeling in the world/Love.
Track Name: Painless Love
I don't think you heard about painless love/ Well that's the kind I'm talking about?A love that lasts more than one day/True love don't fade away/trus love don't fade away/Met you on the spring tide's ebb/Summer's heat's gone to my head/And in the fall I fell for you/Winter's chill could not undo/The burning fire of painless love/Flows like a river from the sky above/A love that last more than one day/True love don't fade away/True love don't fade away/Sure enough the world will end/In fire begin again/But in the centre is there found/A tree of life fully grown/And we are part of it you see/Its branches spread infinitely/And you are everything to me/Whatever was and whatever will be.
Track Name: The Vancouver Sun
I remember/Do you remember hearing that song before?/No I don't think that it was the right one/Oh no no/I sure do recall how time stood still/On Kitsilano Beach underneath the weeping willow/Clouds in the sky/Don't bring me down/'Cause I'm in love with the heroin town/Who will forgive me the things that i done/Like waiting in the rain for the Vancouver Sun/Chinatown,Stanley Park/I go there in the morning/I go there after dark/Do the stroll/From a rundown house/ We used to rule/Rock and Roll was the high school/For fools/ Clouds in the sky /Don't bring me down/'Cause I'm in love with the Heroin town/Who will forgive me the things that I done/Like waiting in the rain for the Vancouver Sun/Like waiting in the rain for the Vancouver Sun/ Sleep so peacefully in your tree of liberty.
Track Name: Blue Diamonds
Don't you worry now/The worst is over/Don't you hurry now/'there's no place to go/No place to run too when you're scared, scarred and lonely/Don't you worry baby I'll be there to help you get along/The rain is falling/On the world tonight/I see the rain on the window pain/ Like blue diamonds in the night/You know you might be right and then again dead wrong about love/There is no rules/There's only fools/Blue Diamonds/ Sounds old fashioned/Don't you believe it/An open doorway/Well you know it ain't always for leaving you was just like whistling a summer melody/It took you right away.